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A Dedicated team - is half the work done

Dedicated teams who work full-time and only for your university can be assembled, housed, and managed by Uniteamz. They may be based in either of our offices in Delhi or Mumbai.

We already carry out this for a number of prestigious university clientele.

We strongly advise getting in touch with us to discuss how we may help because our services in this area are so adaptable. We’ll provide you a thorough proposal depending on your needs after that conversation.

You might like to learn about our USPs for managing committed India teams in the interim.

Advanced Human Resources

We keep seeking young, diverse, and energetic individuals from top the B-Schools. Then, we give them access to a forward-thinking workplace that prioritises professional growth. All of our employees benefit from a five-day workweek, significant vacation and sick pay, flexible scheduling options, and real control over their jobs. This hardly ever happens in the Indian school recruiting sector. The outcome? The best candidates can be hand-selected, and once hired, they hardly ever leave.


Our pricing strategies are competitive and adaptable, with an emphasis on charging no more than is necessary to maintain a high level of service, draw in the finest talent, and stay in business. Why? Our company’s mission is to reduce marketing spend so that HEIs can focus on what they do best, which is teaching and research, because we are aware that every dollar spent on recruitment and marketing is money that is not being spent on research and teaching. Set up a consultation with us to discuss your needs and receive a quote.

Ideal individuals in the ideal locations

Along with your committed team, you may take advantage of our special visitation packages, which provide you access to our operations team of twenty people that work on various client projects. They are based all throughout India and vary from brilliant recent graduates to seasoned, multi-skilled workers all the way up to British internationalization experts at the Director level. This implies that you always have the proper person for the job, at the appropriate location, and just pay for them as needed. Temporary increases in office-based staff for conversion calling, field staff to cover a fair where the cost of transporting your in-house teams would be higher than having our Ops team cover it, or specialized projects like school outreach, event management, or partnership development are all examples of possible activities.

Specialization in colleges and government

In schools and colleges, direct hiring is our area of expertise. Because technology has played such a significant role in our operations from the beginning, we have an unmatched network, expertise, and access in this field. Our learning-based strategy for developing brands and getting data in schools is also rather distinctive and quite effective.


Regular school and university mini fair excursions are conducted inside the country across India.

Canadian Company

We are a British company that adheres to European standards for data, human resources, insurance, and legal regulations. The price options offered by In-country are extremely affordable and adaptable; we’ll provide you with a specialized solution that satisfies your financial needs and operational demands.

We complete your task.

Our Senior Management team, which includes previous internationalization experts with extensive experience from International institutions, is crucial in molding and guiding your devoted staff.

Our workplace

The offices of In-country in Delhi and Mumbai are lovely, bright places that perfectly suit the technology needs, brand identity, and preferences of college-age clientele. Both cities provide you the option of housing your personnel.

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