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NOTE: Post covid-19 pandemic, The team is ready to progress across the market.

On the campuses of schools and colleges all across South Asia , Uniteamz organizes mini-fairs all year long. Why it makes sense to go to these events is as follows:

We only select colleges and universities that we are confident have a history of sending students overseas for quality education.
Our school and university gatherings are succinct (often lasting approximately 90 minutes) and focused only on meeting students; no time is wasted on speeches, ceremonies, or anything else.
We priorities your comfort and make sure you have access to the internet, power outlets, and air-conditioned areas on-site.
We make a concerted effort to make sure that our partner schools are dedicated to achieving a high participation.

Only students in their final and preceding years may attend events.
Our operations staff is available to cover events for you if you are unable to attend them. Visit the fairs page to get a sense of how that functions.

Normally, upcoming events are listed on this page, but the dynamics after COVID 19 are coming back to the norm, and we will be soon publishing the successful events. Send an email to to join our mailing list for events.

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