We are creatures of motion. We consider logistics so that you won't have to.

There is a lot of travel and planning involved in representing your university in Asia. We provide a simple method for you to control that. We can handle all travel arrangements related to the visit, whether you choose to go to the meeting or event yourself or ask us to.

The following are only a few of the services offered:

  • Booking flights
  • Making hotel reservations
  • Making bookings for taxis (airport transfers, day cabs, short distance cabs)
  • Local printing of your digital marketing materials. Local printing is more time and money efficient than international couriering.
  • Cargo
  • Chaperoning is the service of having local personnel accompany you to all of your appointments during the day. See our Itineraries page for additional details about chaperoning.

Please be aware that our visit packages do not cover these travel arrangements. Flights, lodging, local transportation, printing services, and couriering will all include booking fees of 10%. Request a price estimate by contacting us.

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