In order to facilitate student recruiting in South Asia, we provide uniteamz manpower. We have highly skilled internationalisation professionals working for us in Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune, all of whom are graduates of UK institutions. We provide a range of reasonably priced services, including devoted personnel working for your university, special visit packages that may be applied toward custom activities, events at schools and universities, agent network management, and assistance with trip logistics.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated teams who work full-time and only for your university can be assembled, housed, and managed by Uniteamz. They may be based in either of our offices in Delhi or Mumbai.

Marketing & Sales

Funnel marketing to attain dedicated leads. We hire well-seasoned individuals to embark on the business development activities and raise the market value of the institution in the region.

Events & Activities

We only pick institutions and universities with a track record of sending students abroad for further study. Our school and university events are brief and limited to meeting students.


We hire from the top B-schools, who are passionate about work, understand the depth of the business and work relentlessly to grow the institutions by following the Mantra -"Do Whatever it takes".

Supply-Chain Management

It takes a lot of preparation and travel to represent your university in Asia. We provide you with a simple method of control. We can handle all travel-related arrangements for the visit, whether you choose to attend the meeting or event or ask us to.

Deficit Recovery

We have a vast network of correspondents that enables us to promptly collect receivables and deliver reliable business information. We can ensure that your files will receive a customized follow-up thanks to our expertise in debt collection.

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